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Essentials of Digital Media Management

Built on the residential short course Essentials of Digital Media Management, this online course is offered under the auspices of by the Sol Plaatje Institute at the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies. Participants will learn about the digital media landscape, digital marketing strategy, digital media business models, how best to use and measure your impact on social media platforms, and how to quickly create compelling content, even from mobiles devices.

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Mobile Content Creation

Our Mobile Content Creation covers all the bases, from planning to shooting, editing, finessing and publishing – all from your smart device. You’ll learn how to create multimedia content that really resonate with social media audiences, incorporating audio, video, text and photography. Perfect for small business owners, nonprofits, journalist and people who want to quickly create and share content from their phones.

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Mobile Journalism and Content Creation

Social Weaver has run Mobile Journalism and Mobile Content Creation training for many small businesses, newsrooms and NGOs. This hybrid online version of the course has been developed specially for Tekano. The self study lessons will be run alonside daily webinars. The course aims to equip fieldworkers to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for shooting high quality video using mobile phones and selected additional equipment, for later editing into broadcast-quality productions.

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Digital communication for local government

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What Our Students Have to Say

These students have take Social Weaver's face-to-face courses. Reviews about our online courses will be added when they come in.

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EODM teaches you to be innovative and to think outside the box in order to build successful online media business plans.

Maurice Okore – Mobile Media Manager of The New Vision, Uganda

EODM is a very high quality learning product. I have been working in the field of facilitation and adult education for some time, and being a student myself can be frustrating. This course is well designed and presented, and left me feeling empowered, stimulated and inspired.

Ryana Johnson – Media Communications and Advocacy Officer, Department of Environmental Science, Rhodes University

EODM is a simple and clear course that provides a pathway to innovative thinking. Don’t know why we didn’t think like this before. 

Jennifer Platt – Managing Editor, Heat Magazine

Steve and Michael demonstrated how to keep an eye on exactly how your social media platforms, and the content items you publish on them, are performing.  Delegates learned how to stay on top of their game by spending more time on creating contagious content and less on things that free services can do while they sleep.

 –  Siyakhula Living Lab