Introduction to the course

This course is built on the five-day residential course offered for many years by the Sol Plaatje Institute at the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies. 

This online version of the course has been specially developed for members of the Association of Independent Publishers.

The course starts on Day 1 with an Introductory Webinar, in which all facilitators and participants are introduced to and learn about each other. The facilitators will then explain how the course is structured and how participants will progress through the course.

Each day thereafter will start with a Webinar, in which we discuss how participants found the previous day’s Self Study activities and what they learnt. We will also preview the forthcoming Self Study material.

The Self Study material is structured into Lessons and Topics. 

Each Lesson has a number of Topics, which you will work through one by one. 



Topics contain a combination of slideshows, video, images, text, images and links to external sites and recommended readings.

Once you have worked through the content and are ready to proceed to the next topic, you will take a short quiz. If you get enough points you will be able to proceed to the next topic.

If you are viewing this as a sample lesson and are not registered and enrolled for the course, you will not be able to progress to the next Lesson.

If you are registered and enrolled for this course, take the quiz now to progress to the first lesson.